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Article: Why is the CBD Fruit Cake variety so popular?

La variedad de CBD Fruit Cake o tarta de frutas ¿por qué es tan popular?
cbd barato

Why is the CBD Fruit Cake variety so popular?

CBD Fruit Cake marijuana has become very popular a couple of years ago and, today, it is one of the most appreciated.

Born from the cross between Sherbet Dreams and Cherry Pie (apple pie) and, similar to Gelato in terms of flavor, Fruit Cake CBD has complex genetics, hybrid to Sativa predominant; a delight for tasting that will make experts and neophytes enjoy

First of all, CBD Fruit Cake marijuana It will seduce you with its sweet fruity notes, with a touch of acid, in the style of the apple but, after a while, you will begin to understand the reason for its name. Some citrus notes intermingled with a banana flavor will reach your palate; a fruitcake condensate inside a CBD flower, perfect for summer

As for its perfume, the first sensation will be that of a smell of flowers and spices, with a sweet touch of orange and lavender flowers and, after a few minutes, you will begin to feel a perfume of berries with citrus notes typical of Kush varieties.

CBD Fruit Cake marijuana could provide relaxing and anti-stress benefits, and several countries in Europe are studying its benefits for reducing chronic inflammation , reducing pain and improving sleep.

Description :

Product from industrial hemp for technical, collecting, research and development, ornamental and aromatic use.

  • Genetics: Hybrid (with Sativa predominance)
  • Cultivation: This variety of Cannabis CBD is cultivated in a greenhouse with ecological and sustainable methods. CBD Cannabis flowers grown naturally, free of pesticides and from seeds of varieties certified by the EU
  • CBD = 8.5% - THC= 0.16%
  • Packaging: Doypack bag 10gr.

How is the Fruit Cake?

Fruit Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, growing short and with the typical pyramidal indica structure. Its internodal distance is short and its flowering period is short, just 63 days from germination. Even growers who live in cooler summers will be able to bring out their best version.

How is Fruit Cake planted?

In indoor crops its productivity is excellent. Ideal for those who, in addition to a special variety, seek extraordinary productivity. Who said that flavor and production were at odds? With 7-liter pots you will have enough space for its growth and you will be able to place up to 14 specimens per m2. The most suitable lighting system is a 315w LEC spotlight, since, despite its enormous power, its state-of-the-art technology has a low heat emission, which helps to keep the temperature of the crop stable.

In outdoor crops, if you have space, you will obtain a specimen of considerable size, with a harvest of top quality buds. For this I have placed it directly on the ground, although to germinate it I have placed it in a small pot and placed it indoors, to keep it safe. When it is between 20-30 cm, you can place it on the ground and thus prevent it from becoming the breakfast of some hungry bug. So that nothing is missing in growth, add earthworm humus to the substrate and you will see how it grows strong and healthy.

Since you know her, stop by our store to see her.

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