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How works. The magic of optimization.

We created this CBD shop out of our own need. Evaluating quality products was becoming very expensive for us. And many of the products did not give the expected effect. After analyzing them, they did not comply with what the label stated. That is why we started an idea, "And if this problem is shared by everyone else?".

So we got together with friends to unify knowledge and contacts, creating a very relevant knowledge alliance that has professionals from the sector and medical specialists with more than 15 years of experience .

When we discover real, reliable and quality products, we create group purchases of CBD Flowers and Oils (in negotiation of more products). We offer a platform to buy CBD online directly from producers. Quality at unbeatable prices.

Our mission is focused on improving the quality of people and animals, without price or quality being a barrier. In short, you can buy CBD online and cheap, with the assurance that the quality has been tested, reasonably cheap, and with the attention you deserve to really try to improve your well-being.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the sector and a wide network of producers that allow us to create the best CBD offers on the market.

The client benefits from low prices, fresh products and the best quality . We reduce the steps by creating alliances between quality organic production and the customer, without intermediation barriers and, as if that were not enough, if you live in Barcelona , ​​Madrid or any other city in Spain , you will receive your CBD order at home discreet, no need to move

How does it work

We tell you all the secrets, because we seek the greatest transparency with all our clients. Since the more we are, the better prices we will have.

  1. Every month we study the market, the needs and talk to our customers to find out which are the most demanded products.
  2. Once we have the list, we look for the best products that adapt to it that may be available the following month.
  3. Thanks to our network and the volume of orders, we get incredible discounts on CBD flowers and organic CBD oil, but with limited stock of products.
  4. Each month you will find all the CBD offers and active campaigns of this month.

BEWARE : In CBD, quality matters a lot. For this reason, at CBDACASA we only sell products that have been tested for their quality and the supplier.

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