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Article: AK 47 is quality CBD marijuana: know its characteristics

AK 47 es marihuana CBD de calidad: conoce sus características

AK 47 is quality CBD marijuana: know its characteristics

AK47 CBD marijuana is a legendary flower of legal cannabis , which comes from a mixture of Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Afghan plants….. A condensation of exoticism that we put on the poster this month !

It has a strong, fresh flavor with a citrus touch, which provides well-being, relaxation and a deep sleep for those who suffer from insomnia .

Its intense perfume has floral and other citrus notes that will not leave you indifferent.

This sativa-dominant hybrid CBD flower is one of the most awarded in the world.

This new vintage outdoors is distinguished by its spongy appearance, its light color and its fresh and citrus aromas.

The concentrations of cannabinoids in the Marijuana CBD AK47 are as follows: THC <0.2% and CBD = 6.9%

CBD is a cannabinoid that may have medicinal qualities and whose use is standardized in countries such as the United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Uruguay or Portugal, among others. According to various studies, cannabidiol (CBD) has therapeutic properties that help mitigate insomnia, anxiety, pain, inflammatory processes , among others.

Description of CBD a Casa products

Product from industrial hemp for technical, collecting, research and development, ornamental and aromatic use.

  • Genetics: Hybrid (with Sativa predominance). 65% Sativa / 35% Indica.
  • Cultivation: This variety of Cannabis CBD is cultivated outdoors with ecological and sustainable methods. CBD Cannabis flowers grown naturally, free of pesticides and from seeds of varieties certified by the EU
  • Aroma: Our AK47 CBD Flowers stand out for their mix of floral and citrus aromas with woody and earthy tones. If you are looking for a classic strain that never fails, then AK47 CBD Cannabis Buds are the right choice.
  • Packaging: Doypack bag

Remember: CBD is a safe, non-addictive product, it does not have serious side effects and its therapeutic properties are real according to the report written by the World Health Organization. If you want to know more, visit our blog

How can it be planted?

Plant AK47 CBD

The elements that you need to grow the AK-47 variety are the same that you would use with any other variety.

Use quality substrate, specific fertilizers for cannabis, apply preventatives against insects and fungi every week and in spray form, measure the pH level of the irrigation water and the EC, and try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

The truth is that AK-47 is a fairly easy to grow and resistant strain, so you shouldn't have any problems growing it.

AK 47 is quality marijuana, as it is a feminized seed whose flowers stand out for their incredible flavors and effects.

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