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Article: CBD Critical buds: everything you need to know

Cogollos de CBD Critical: todo lo que tienes que saber

CBD Critical buds: everything you need to know

CBD Critical buds are a great classic that comes from a mixture of 2 very famous hemp genetics such as Skunk and Afghani and has been planted for the first time in the Middle East.

It has a sweet, smooth flavor with authentic earthy notes from having been grown outdoors and an intense and acidic perfume with citrus notes.

This CBD flower was a pioneer in the hemp market in the 1980s, winning multiple awards 10 years ago, so we highly recommend it for those just starting to try CBD, and it will be a treat for long-time CBD users as well. THC

CBD Critical marijuana will bring you peace of mind and relax you physically . It also has natural anti-inflammatory virtues in addition to its relaxing properties, so it can be very beneficial to alleviate back pain and other chronic pain.

An intense aroma stands out with certain citric sensations , a sweet touch floods, ending with a clear citric nuance that impresses at the end. The effects of this indica are between powerful and very relaxing as time goes by.

Likewise, CBD Critical buds will allow you to get a restful sleep, provide well-being and reduce anxiety

Characteristics of the CBD Critical bud in cbdacasa

  • Organic CBD Cannabis Flowers or Buds from Industrial Hemp crops (also called Light Marijuana or Cannabis CBD).
  • CBD: 7.33%
  • THC: < 0.13% (does not produce psychoactive effects).
  • Packaging : Doypack bag 10gr.
Flower CBD Critical


Critical's genetic lineage is quite old. The history of this variety begins in the United States, specifically in the coastal state of California more than thirty-five years ago.

At that time and in that geographical location, many of the most famous genetics of the current cannabis industry were bred, selected and stabilized. Among these genetics, Big Bud emerged, a variety from an old, very robust and productive Afghan lineage, crossed with a top-quality Skunk specimen.

Already in the middle of the nineties, the seed bank of the mythical breeder Shantibaba, Mr. Nice Seeds, launched Critical Mass, which is nothing more than the somewhat improved Big Bud. The specimen obtained by Mr. Nice had almost identical properties, but with a more pronounced smell and aroma, and even faster flowering.

Later, at the end of the 90s, it would be a Spanish bank that would give another twist to the Big Bud genetics. On this occasion, Dinafem Seeds, a bank in Bilbao (Basque Country), launched the new Critical Bilbo on the market. This variety is the result of a long and arduous selection of Critical Mass, until obtaining an even faster, more aromatic and productive specimen. In fact, Critical Bilbo has quickly gained international fame and has won countless cups, such as in the Bio Cup category of the High Life in Barcelona 2014.

How to plant marijuana in its Critical variety?

CBD Critical

When you talk about Critical, you are referring to one of the best-selling and most reputable marijuana varieties in the cannabis world. This genetic marvel has been surprising growers all over the planet for more than three decades thanks to its rapid flowering and high quality production.

These characteristics make it an ideal super-producer for commercial crops. If it is planted, we are making sure that we make the most of the crop.

To cultivate it , as it has fine stems and very heavy buds, it is advisable to help it support them through stakes. Otherwise the branches will bend until they break. In addition, the vigorous growth makes it an ideal choice for growing systems with nets, such as SOG or SCROG systems. Through this system we can obtain larger crops.

If you decide to grow it indoors, a good anti-odour filter will be necessary to purify the powerful aroma that its buds give off. In addition, it is always advisable to keep the humidity parameters very controlled since the buds are so hard and pressed that they can be attacked by fungal pests.

If it is grown outdoors, as it flowers so quickly, it will be ready for harvest in mid-September, so we will avoid the rainy and cold seasons; avoiding the appearance of fungus.

At CBD a casa , we usually have this variety produced organically, from small farmers.

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