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Article: Definitive authorization for the sale of CBD flowers

Autorización definitiva para la venta de flores CBD

Definitive authorization for the sale of CBD flowers

Right at the end of the year, as if to prepare for 2023, the State Council of the neighboring country has definitively lifted the ban on the sale of CBD flowers .

According to the so-called wise men of said council, cannabidiol does not represent any health risk and, therefore, cannabidiol can be sold in all existing formats, including flowers. For professionals in the sector, producers, wholesalers or online or physical CBD stores , that decision is a great relief given that the sale of CBD flowers represents up to 70% of their annual turnover.

In Europe, there will be tens of thousands of specialized CBD stores, including physical stores and CBD-Shop. And, if there was still a certain legal limbo regarding certain formats, it seems that 2023 will be the year in which CBD will no longer be considered a psychotropic. In fact, it never has been, despite being wrongly registered on the drug list for decades.

In Spain , it began to be marketed in 2018 and, since then, there are more and more entrepreneurs dedicating themselves to it; Buying CBD online is and was a legal option for some time, but now, it seems that the time is coming when the formats in which one can find CBD for Well-being will grow.

In Spain, CBD flowers and oil continue to be sold as aromatic products despite the fact that "it has not been shown that the consumption of flowers and leaves of said variety of cannabis, with a THC percentage of less than 0.2% carry risks to public health. This is not said by us but by the wise politicians elected in the Council of State of the neighboring country and the scientists of the WHO (acronym for the World Health Organization).

And, if the Council of State of the neighboring country considers it disproportionate to prohibit the sale of the raw material of cannabidiol -that is, raw CBD flowers- and, European legislation has dictated the legality of selling CBD, without being accused of sophists, no It seems incongruous, interpreting that selling or buying CBD in Spain is completely legal. This same Council of State estimates that, according to scientific data, CBD has decontracting, relaxing and anti-convulsant properties, without addictive or psychotropic effects. Regarding the argument of law enforcement, emphasizing the difficulty of differentiating legal CBD flowers from narcotics, which in their opinion makes their work difficult, the State Council itself argues that the THC concentration could be easily controlled with rapid tests.

With this decision of the highest legal instance of the neighboring country, "de jure" clarity prevails and the hemp industry in Europe will be able to build a path and weigh more and more in the immense CBD market. In fact, the European Court of Justice had ruled, at the end of 2020, that it was illegal to prohibit CBD in a European State, when it is legally produced in another State, alluding to the free movement of goods in Europe.

This new legal victory reinforces what seemed obvious to us in Spain and gives us the strength to develop, with the visibility it deserves, a booming sector. In fact, it has a projection of billing 500 million euros in 2023, half of this billing would come from CBD flowers in Spain .

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