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Article: CBD oils with aromas

Aceites de CBD con aromas
aceites de CBD

CBD oils with aromas

An unmistakable fusion of hemp with aromas

Why propose CBD oils with aromas?

Some people do not appreciate the natural aroma of hemp seed oil, nor that of CBD coconut oil, which is why we have selected 5 natural aromas combined with MCT coconut oil, to change the paradigms.

What scent does natural CBD oil have?

Many CBD oils are made from hemp seed oil, which has a very strong aroma. By obtaining such oils with CO2 extraction, no solvent is used to preserve all the plant matter, without altering the components at the source of hemp's wellness benefits. For this reason the aroma of hemp is usually very strong. In fact, CBD oils with aromas are combined with coconut oil, which have a more discreet perfume and offer better consonance with the different aromas offered in the Yoil CBD aromas range.

Are they full spectrum CBD oils?

All flavored CBD oils are full spectrum. The process, as we began to describe above, consists of using MCT coconut oil , combined with different natural flavors and full-spectrum CBD, to preserve all the cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant; allowing you to benefit from the entourage effect.

Why choose the Yoil CBD range?

CBDacasa's mission is to find the best products derived from CBD and, after several months of trying to find quality CBD oils , we have had the opportunity to find the range of Yoil CBD oils with aromas, which we have found to be the most reliable brand. to offer our users full spectrum CBD oil with 5 different aromas: mango, orange blossom, honey, green tea and chocolate.

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The Yoil CBD range of oils has been manufactured with quality CBD , combined with cold-pressed MCT coconut oil and its natural aromas. The quality of the oil combined with subtle aromas will appeal to beginners as well as cannabidiol aficionados looking for novelty CBD oils.

With its 5 exceptional perfumes, Yoil CBD offers a moment of relaxation with fruity and sweet aromas, without the psychotropic effects of THC, a molecule found within Yoil CBD oils, in practically irrelevant concentrations (0.11%).

Whether you want to reduce your anxiety, at specific moments in your life, or if you want to release the accumulated tension of the day, at the end of the afternoon, or find a deep and restful sleep, at bedtime, the Yoil CBD range will answer your needs. needs with their flavored or natural full spectrum CBD oils.

Many athletes also use CBD oil to promote mental and muscle relaxation after intense physical activity. Some users have also shared its use to calm the digestive system or certain pains

Can I add aroma to my CBD oil at home?

Looking for quality CBD offers in Spain and Europe, we have found a range of quality CBD oils, with 5 different aromas. However, if you do not like the available aromas, there is always the option of choosing the natural Yoil CBD range and combining them with the aromas of your choice. You will benefit from the benefits of CBD for well-being, enjoying a perfume designed by and for you.

In this case, we recommend buying a cold-pressed aroma and testing it by combining it with a few drops of your natural CBD oil. If you think you definitely appreciate this aroma combined with CBD oil, you can mix with the entire bottle, slowly adding it into your oil and shaking.

Our full spectrum CBD oils with aromas are intended for women, men and athletes who appreciate CBD for its propensity to improve well-being, are looking for high-quality oils and are not entirely convinced by the perfume of natural CBD oils.

Legal mention : This product is not a medicine and we always recommend consulting a Health specialist, in case you require said CBD oil for a treatment. Likewise, it should not be consumed if you are pregnant or lactating.

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