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Article: CBD flowers at 1 euro

Flores CBD a 1 euro

CBD flowers at 1 euro

We are in the middle of December, in the middle of the last month of the year and, 15 days from 2023, a new year, a new life.

With half a month to go until the end of 2022, we cannot stop thinking about the year CBDacasa was born. It was born with the mission of improving the well-being of people and animals, allowing them to buy quality cheap CBD online and, although it seems easy, it was quite a challenge to reach collaboration agreements with CBD wholesalers , farmers and industrialists, to make available to our users, quality CBD, at a cheap price .

Meanwhile, the international context has evolved, the economic context, and inflation has submerged our lives, with 2-digit figures that many of us didn't even know about. And, despite everything, we were able to offer cheap and good CBD flowers , some of them for less than 1 euro per gram , buying one of the promoted flower packs.

Inflation weighs on CBD online stores, in stores, but in 2023, our commitment will continue. You will be able to buy CBD online, as always, and receive it at home in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and all cities in Spain. Even better, they will be able to buy CBD flowers at 1 euro per gram , from 1 euro per gram of course, but it is also a great CBD offer , being able to buy 100 grams of flowers at €100, that is 1 euro per gram.

And, it seems easy, but it is not, because we keep our quality standards just as intact, with big, beautiful and cheap buds. We will start now, before the year is even over, with 2 great CBD offers for the holidays. CBD Cannatonic and Pink Lady flowers at €1 per gram.

Beautiful CBD flowers with an intense aroma at 1 euro per gram. And our commitment will continue in 2023, we will continue hunting for the best offers of CBD flowers in Spain and the rest of Europe, traveling the roads to meet more collaborators and discover new varieties of legal cannabis in Europe.

We also open a participatory forum in which you can request a specific variety, which you have discovered, which has been proposed to you, but which cannot yet be purchased online at CBDacasa. And it is that knowledge does not take place and the world of CBD has no limits, so through investigations, crosses and singular pampering, some CBD enthusiast could have discovered an unprecedented variety of CBD. And, sharing these CBD flowers will surely make many of our users happy, and this could also be part of our mission: to discover, (re)discover and share exquisite CBD flower varieties in our online store. The best CBD flowers, we don't know, but if the ones that many of us have liked and, if they can be CBD flowers at 1 euro, even better, but this is another story. Because we are also aware that quality is not always cheap and sometimes you have to pay a slightly higher price to enjoy magnificent and special buds. But one does not take away the other and, they will always share a showcase, slightly more exclusive products and good, beautiful and cheap CBD flowers, at 1 euro.

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