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Article: Shatter CBD, history and description

Shatter CBD, historia y descripción

Shatter CBD, history and description

What is Shatter and why will you hear it so often from now on?

The Shatter is a concentrate of CBD flowers with a very high concentration of cannabidiol; It is a product that has managed to make many users fall in love.

Very potent and virtually pure in concentration, Yoil's Shatter CBD has been extracted from organic CBD flowers . It is a rigid product very rich in terpenes

What is it exactly and what is the mode of consumption?

If you are looking to level up your CBD, with Shatter CBD , you will find a very, very powerful product compared to other CBD extracts. Not for beginners, Shatter is perfect for those looking for very strong CBD.

Translucent, bright and with an aroma that does not go unnoticed, Shatter CBD could also help those who suffer from anxiety, mood swings or insomnia and, in any case, it would help to improve well-being.

Similar to crystals of brilliant amber color - similar to honey - or gold, you will be surprised by the solidity of the product, due to its molecular structure. Easy to preserve, the color varies (from golden to caramel) depending on the CBD extraction process, as well as the texture. If all Shatters appear to have the same texture to the eye, some are more brittle than others. In fact, its name comes from the fact that it is an extract that breaks easily, producing small pieces of crystals.

Shatter history

In a relatively new CBD-derived product High-THC Shatter was first produced in the 1990s, when the cannabis production process was dramatically improved. It was first marketed in Canada in early 2003 and, throughout the 2010s, Shatter CBD began to be manufactured and democratized ( with THC < 0.2% like Shatter CBD Yoil ).

How is Shatter made?

Process reserved for professionals, the result is obtained by combining crushed hemp plant material with solvents such as butane. It is then quickly frozen so that all of the hemp's cannabinoids and all of its terpenes are captured and preserved within the crystals.

The process includes filtering, heating and freezing to transform the resinous oil into the characteristic Shatter crystals.

A quality Shatter is achieved through a meticulous and slow manufacturing process, the post-extraction process being the most rigorous.

The solvent separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter before removing them with the purging process. Although the initial plant material is usually flowers, trim can also be used. As for the solvent, the most common is butane, but liquid gas or ethanol can also be used.

Shatter CBD Benefits

As for the effects, keep in mind that the concentration can reach up to 96% purity, so the cerebral and muscular relaxation effect will be very powerful and this intensity could help those who are in search of inspiration or concentration. Due to its high purity in cannabidiol, it calms anxiety quickly and efficiently and is an excellent option for those looking for the potential benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes without THC which, in the case of CBD Yoil shatter, is below the 0.2% .

consumption mode

In Spain, Shatter CBD is only sold as a cosmetic, ornamental or collectible product. However, in those countries where the legislation is more permissive, it can be consumed by vaping, adding bits of shatter CBD to the vaporizer. Some users in France often add it to their culinary preparations as well. Regarding the dosage, with such a high percentage of cannabidiol, the use usually and should be progressive

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