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Article: What is organic CBD?

¿Que es el CBD orgánico?

What is organic CBD?

If we want to find out what organic CBD is, we must start by clarifying the origin of hemp, the cannabis plant that contains hundreds of cannabinoids, the main one being cannabidiol or CBD. In Spain, there are companies that manufacture organic CBD-based products such as Phytoplant. After extracting the CBD from the plant, they make various CBD-based cosmetic products, the best known being organic CBD oil .

Ok, now that we have clarified the origin of CBD, what is the relationship between the term “organic” and CBD?

According to the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), the term organic refers to everything that is cultivated or manufactured, without using genetically modified organisms, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. In the United States, the term Department of Agriculture certified organic even means that a government-authorized certified agency has inspected the growing and manufacturing facilities and conditions to ensure that standards are met.

Therefore, organic hemp refers to hemp grown under strict conditions. And, therefore, organic CBD oil (or organic hemp oil) is an organic CBD oil in 2 aspects or levels. The first because the CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp and the second because the CBD oil has been treated without synthetic chemical additives. More and more farmers in Spain opt for the cultivation of organic hemp and the value of organic hemp is increasingly recognized. Some experts do not hesitate to affirm that the cultivation of organic hemp will become green gold for producers In addition, more and more growers are becoming aware of participating in the practice of "regenerated organic" - organic cultivation methods that emphasize health and maintenance of the soil, protecting them so that the lands continue to be fertile for the next generations.

And is organic CBD oil better than non-organic?

The best way to answer this is to examine the facts. Due to its cultivation conditions, organic hemp is cleaner as it does not contain pesticides or chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. Therefore, it can be said that organic CBD oil is a natural product.

From the point of view of Health and Well-being, pesticides as well as chemical fertilizers cause the natural elements present in the soil to be lost. In addition, several studies have shown that fruits and vegetables treated with some pesticides cause allergic reactions in some people.

It is important to stress that there is still a debate as to whether pesticides are the real cause of these reactions or if it is other food allergies, but many people continue to think that organically grown products are safer alternatives. On the other hand, other studies have determined that the pesticides and chemical fertilizers used have a destructive effect on the environment and damage the quality of air and water, in addition to condemning some species.

If CBD products contain other ingredients, ideally those supplements should be certified organic as well. In any case, buying organic CBD oil guarantees you an oil without synthetic chemicals or the various toxic substances or additives of non-organic crops.

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