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Article: The expansion of our CBD brand in stores throughout Spain

CBDACASA en Barcelona, Madrid y Andalucía
Barcelona CBD

The expansion of our CBD brand in stores throughout Spain

The popularity of CBD continues to rise around the world, and Spain is no exception. In recent years, we have worked hard to have our brand in the best CBD stores throughout Spain, including in major cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Andalusia. CBDACASA in particular has experienced remarkable success in expanding its presence in these regions.

CBDACASA prides itself on progress. We strive to maintain our products of high quality and a wide spectrum of CBD, already managing to open a gap as one of the reference brands in the Spanish market online and now offline. With a growing presence in stores throughout Spain, the brand has earned the trust of consumers thanks to its commitment to quality and transparency.

The growing presence of CBD in Spain: how our brand has managed to become a benchmark in the market

In Barcelona, ​​the brand has established itself in some of the most popular stores in the city. These stores have seen a significant increase in sales of CBD products since the introduction of this brand on their shelves.

The brand's presence in Madrid has been equally impressive. We currently have 2 stores and have experienced a significant increase in demand for CBD products since the brand was incorporated.

The expansion in Andalusia has been equally successful, with the brand establishing itself in stores in Seville and Malaga, and is expected to expand further in the near future.

But why has the brand been so successful?

In addition to our commitment to quality and transparency, we've invested in the best collaborations and direct manufacturing from certified growers, to create CBD products that really work.

Our products have been designed to provide real health benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief, and improved sleep.

In short, thanks to you for participating in CBDACASA and giving us the support to go a little further, getting out of the online world and positioning ourselves in physical stores all over Spain is a testament to the growing interest in high-quality CBD products and their success. in the Spanish market. The brand has managed to establish itself as a reference in the market thanks to its commitment to quality, transparency and the research and development of products that provide real health benefits.


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