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Article: CBD doctor interview

Entrevista al medico del CBD

CBD doctor interview

As usual, CBDacasa works without haggling in efforts to improve the well-being of the community.

On many occasions, following the guidelines of our mission, we track CBD offers online to offer our users the possibility of buying cheap and quality CBD . That, until now, has led to cheap CBD flowers and CBD oil , with proven quality to continue gaining the trust of our followers, but very soon we want to expand our catalog of CBD-derived products to meet everyone's needs.

Soon we will get offers of CBD in resin because many of you have asked us for it and also CBD creams for athletes, which are for topical use and very useful to soothe pain typical of intense sports sessions. But another facet of our mission is to improve the community's knowledge of CBD, to better understand the pros and cons of the molecule scientifically named cannabidiol.

For this reason, last week we interviewed the CBD doctor , that is, our great collaborator Albert Estrada, who has made his knowledge and skills available to us in the field of cannabinoids and, in our case, CBD. It was a practically 2-hour talk, in which we shared impressions, sensations and we were asking him questions about CBD that we have in mind, either because we have doubts regarding the answers found, or because there is a lot of confusion about the potential benefits of CBD. for such purpose.

Albert was very transparent from the beginning, telling us that in science many times there are still no answers and that he planned to say everything he wanted without filters, or unnecessarily praising a cannabinoid and, in this case, CBD. Therefore, Albert Estrada, without mincing words or filters, delighted us with a 2-hour interview in which you will gradually discover his opinion as an expert and, with a degree in medicine, specializing in biochemistry in Barcelona.

This video is only a prelude to the interview that we will be releasing by episodes, where we have saved the best and most interesting but, as an advance, we anticipate that one of the things that caught our attention the most was 115 minutes of material. At one point in the interview, after many questions and answers, Albert told us, with great humility and professionalism, that with all the skills he has developed in all the years of study, consultation with patients, advice to associations and research on CBD He could give us some advice and recommendations but, in his opinion, the fundamental thing when it came to taking CBD was to find a trustworthy supplier, that is , buy quality CBD online or go to a local store to stock up but analyze very well and compare the quality of the product before deciding.

For our part, we were clear about it before the interview and, therefore, we opened CBDacasa but, for those who still have doubts, retain this. The quality of the CBD is essential to achieve the objectives pursued and, as Albert mentioned, if it is organic CBD, much better. And, without further ado, we leave you with this presentation of the interview carried out, which we will publish shortly:

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