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Article: Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Aceite de CBD Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Our mission being to find the best CBD opportunities on the market, we couldn't get past full spectrum CBD oil , which continues to be one of the most demanded CBD-derived products lately.

But what is it exactly?

Firstly, CBD oil contains the active principles of the hemp plant, but the quality can vary greatly from one oil to another, depending on the raw material used and, mainly, the hemp used. This is why CBDacasa works exclusively with farmers in Spain who use organic products and when it comes to selecting full spectrum CBD oil, we filter suppliers a lot and stick with certified organic full spectrum CBD oils.

Full spectrum CBD oil obviously contains CBD, in proportions that depend on the chosen solution, with CBD concentrations of 5, 10, 20 and 30% generally. But when we talk about full spectrum, it is because apart from CBD, these oils contain and maintain the other terpenes (which give the plant its smell) and cannabinoids present in the plant and this is because most cannabis experts medicinal agree that the effect of CBD is amplified when associated with the other cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant.

This if, in terms of THC, which is the psychotropic substance of cannabis, due to legal imperatives, it cannot be higher than 0.2%, therefore, Full Spectrum CBD oil mainly contains CBD and also the other cannabinoids of the plant with the exception of THC, which is limited, at most, to the legal maximum allowed by the Law in Spain, that is, 0.2%.

And what is it for?

It is a broad question.

Full Spectrum CBD oil has many possible indications, but the main ones would be to relax, calm anxiety, pain and, also, they are used a lot, a lot, by athletes to reduce inflammation and improve muscle recovery. They also come in small bottles that can be easily carried in a bag or pocket.

How is it used?

It depends on the type of oil and also the country in which it is located. Although in Spain, the only permitted use is aromatic or topical for cosmetic oils, we are aware that, in other countries of the European Union, such as France, Italy or Belgium, CBD oil is allowed for human consumption and, many Users from these countries take drops of sublingual oil – that is, putting a few drops under the tongue. But, as we previously mentioned, we emphasize that in Spain, aromatic use is the most common, that is, as an air freshener that would be placed in the room where we are living so that the smell is released and has the expected effects. Also, as a cosmetic use, it can be applied to the skin to relax, improve skin care and even antiaging.

Why are there so many price differences between full spectrum CBD oils and others?

There are several factors that explain it. One of this is the quality of the product, but not only, since at CBDacasa, we are very concerned about quality to such an extent that it is our priority to provide our users with quality Full Spectrum CBD oils, without price being a barrier. .

For this reason, we have reduced our operating margins to the maximum and optimized all facets of our management so that each and everyone can get cheap CBD and Full Spectrum CBD oil at a very competitive price .

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