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Article: Christmas, Christmas Bring me offers!

Navidad, Navidad ¡Tráeme ofertas!
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Christmas, Christmas Bring me offers!

We are just about to finish November to enter the last month of the year, synonymous with the end of the year and Christmas parties.

We recently wrote an article about Black Friday, talking precisely about the fact that it was the last weekend of November, the perfect period to prepare for Christmas gifts . Therefore, E-commerce have become accustomed to designing specific offers for the last 30 days before Christmas.

What if Black Friday offers, Black Monday offers, Constitution Bridge in Spain and the last offers before Christmas. This for the traditional E-Commerce but not only. New sectors have appeared lately that have joined the wave of offers. Be it electric scooters a few years ago, drones before, and recently, in the cannabidiol sector, CBD offers are raining. Firstly, the Black Friday offers from last Friday and, now, the CBD Christmas offers are being prepared.

  • 2 for 1
  • Free shipping
  • Up to 70% discount
  • 10 grams of gift + each purchase over €50
  • a CBD oil in Madrid at half price

And, with so many offers, the trend is for users to start buying CBD online much more than in the previous months of the year. It is estimated that in November and December, a quarter of the turnover of online CBD stores is concentrated.

Each company has its own growth strategy that is sometimes successful and sometimes not so much. At CBDacasa , we have opted for quality CBD, cheap all year round . It has not been easy for us to continue with this line but, as we described our objective at the beginning of the project, our mission is to improve the well-being of people and animals by providing them with cheap, quality CBD .

And, as we indicated at the beginning of 2022, we created CBDacasa, driven by personal motivations, since we needed CBD for chronic pain and it was difficult for us to find quality products at a reasonable price, so we decided to set up an entity that could obtain them while being profitable. We found the formula by organizing group purchases of CBD , as if we were wholesalers, but with internally tested products to ensure that they meet the established quality standards. And, from each group purchase, we chose to keep a portion to make available to users in need, CBD deals that were cheaper than most CBD shops. And, with this model, I fit everything. Everyone who participates in the group purchase is happy because they get cheaper CBD prices and quality is guaranteed. Our users are satisfied by buying CBD online, at a more competitive price and, if that were not enough, we send orders to their homes, so they do not have to travel.

And, here we are, entering December and without having prepared specific offers for Christmas, New Year's Eve and the Three Wise Men. Yes, we admit it, we did not do it because, in CBDacasa, you will find CBD offers all year round. But, that does not prevent that, for each CBD purchase before 2023, they will find an additional gift in their order. And we love Christmas and we love to give gifts

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