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Article: CBD oil for dogs

Aceite CBD para perro

CBD oil for dogs

With the cannabidiol revolution underway, CBD for dogs is beginning to appear strongly, in different formats and with various objectives.

What products do we recommend? What are the doses to be administered? Price of CBD for dogs and, not least, what are the effects for your 4-legged friends?

With our own experience, we can say that CBD oil for dogs could provide therapeutic benefits, mainly to treat joint pain, nervousness and as an anti-inflammatory; In general, it would improve the well-being of your dog. One of our team has used it for a 12 year old dog with arthritis and since then he has not limped and his quality of life seems to have improved remarkably.

How does CBD work in dogs?

Cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic substance - unlike THC -, found in cannabis, is proving its usefulness in humans, for physical pain and some other disorders. However, several studies suggest that it could also have positive effects on dogs. Specifically, it can provide relaxation to your dog and reduce certain pain and inflammation without a noticeable intoxication effect.

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List of the effects of CBD for dogs

The therapeutic benefits of CBD for dogs is fabulous and more and more people are choosing natural remedies like CBD for their pets

  1. First, as we have been able to verify in person with one of our dogs, CBD can relieve pain related to arthritis or osteoarthritis in dogs. Indeed, having analgesic properties, it acts efficiently on painful joints and also relieves chronic inflammation; so it can help to cure it apart from calming the intense pain
  2. CBD calms and relaxes anxious dogs . If you also have a nervous dog when you are away or with a lot of people around, your dog could become anxious. Fortunately, CBD for dogs is proving its worth in quickly calming down your dog. After giving a few drops of CBD to your dog, it will relax and prevent destructive behaviors such as biting objects, barking, and scratching or scratching doors and floors.
  3. CBD is proving to have analgesic properties for humans, stimulating the endocannabinoid system to control inflammation and autoimmune responses. Since dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system, just like all mammals, CBD reduces pain in dogs and makes your animal feel much more relaxed. In addition, the cannabidiol molecule could have anti-edema and anti-rigidity properties.
  4. CBD improves the digestive transit of dogs . As your dog ages, he often loses his appetite and also when he is out of shape or recovering from injuries. And there CBD oil for dogs can help. first by increasing your appetite and then by improving the functioning of your digestive system
  5. CBD could help for epilepsy : and yes, for dogs suffering from epilepsy too, CBD would offer benefits. It is not a minor advance to have this information, knowing that it is not at all pleasant to see your four-legged friend with seizures. Veterinarians often prescribe medications for this, which could be harmful in the long run. And, as a natural remedy, CBD oil for dogs could be a good alternative to reduce the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures. Additional studies are needed to comfort the feelings shared by many dog ​​owners, but it appears that cannabidiol alleviates seizure disorders
  6. CBD for tumors . For some time now, research has been in the direction of trying to find a relationship between cannabis and tumor prevention. For now, we will not extend this analysis, what we can advance is that, in such a complex and difficult situation, CBD helps to reduce the side effects of a possible treatment

How is it used and recommended doses?

The CBD dosage to be administered will depend on the weight of your dog, its attitude, what it suffers from and also its eating habits.

Just like humans, dogs' tolerance level can vary greatly from animal to animal. For this reason, regardless of the doses stipulated in the product, we always recommend starting with the minimum, observing your animal and acting accordingly. If necessary, gradually increase every 3 or 4 days. You can also ask your veterinarian for advice, to supervise your therapy. It never hurts to ask for advice

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